4 Ways to L.O.V.E Your Website

When was the last time you gave your website a little love, care and attention!

Here are 4 ways you could spice up your website:-

L is for Linkedin – Have you added your website URL to your linkedin profile? It’s great free directory and you can add up to 3 website links. Here’s how to add your website link to your Linkedin Profile

O is for opportunities to make improvements, Want to get people talking about your website? Ask their opinions; inquire what users think of your website, your services/products, your site interface, your new logo.
It’s a great opportunity to make improvements and to match the needs of your market.

V IS for visual appeal, people tend not to read everything on a web page, they scan or skim read , looking for visual clues and things that catch their eye, so how appealing are your graphics, images and photos. Canva and Picmonkey are free tools that I use to create new images or spice up existing ones.
Another tip! to add your logo and website link to images you create to help grow your brand

E is for engaging, how engaging is your content, does it entice the reader to want more! Is your website looking tired and neglected? Give it a new facelift, take a fresh look at the design and feel. Most visitors to your website will decide within less than a few seconds whether your site is worth exploring. Is yours engaging and compelling?



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